T3D is an innovator in 3D printing via Blockchain and has developed the “NFTY Print” smart contract that brings a new dimension to NFT creations through an effortless and secure system to order 3D models of your NFT Collections – all done on the Blockchain.

If you are an NFT creator, download our NFTY Print Whitepaper to learn more about our smart contract which will allow your customers to order 3D printed replicas or choose from an exciting range of merchandise based on the NFTs in their wallet.

Your IP and design files are protected at all times with our AES industry-standard encryption solution to ensure that your original design files are never accessible outside our process.

Our 3D-printed collectibles are shipped anywhere in the world and you will earn royalties paid directly into your digital wallet.

To learn more NFTY Print:
  Visit our GitBook page
  Download the NFTY Print Whitepaper
  Access our command line package

Go head and Mint It. Print It. You can start earning royalties on your NFT designs today!